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Balong USB Downloader with GUI for Huawei Modems/Routers, Used to repair modem by using boot-short / needle method.

Balong-usbdload is an emergency USB boot loader utility for Huawei LTE modems and routers with Balong V2R7, V7R11 and V7R22 chipsets.
It loads external boot loader/firmware update tool file (usbloader.bin) via emergency serial port available if the firmware is corrupted or boot pin (test point) is shorted to the ground.

This utility can make your device unbootable!
Use it only if you fully understand all risks and consequences. In case of any issues, you're on your own. Do not expect any help.

Where to get USB loader files (usbloader.bin)?

USB loader files are often found in a Huawei technologic firmware releases with 99 in version number (i.e.

Some USB loaders are available in this repository, along with patched versions (usblsafe.bin).

What is usblsafe.bin?

Original Huawei USB loaders erase NAND flash when loaded. usblsafe.bin "safe" loaders are patched to disable flash erasure procedure. You should never need to erase flash in normal circumstances as it would remove all custom factory data (IMEI, S/N, radio calibration).

This repository contains "loader-patch" automatic patcher to convert usbloader.bin to usblsafe.bin. Moreover, balong-usbdload would patch "unsafe" usb loaders automatically, and if it failed to do so, won't allow you to load unpatched loaders without -c flag to prevent flash erasure.